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Most people have heard of CoolSculpting – the amazing procedure that takes off inches of fat without dieting or exercise. Now Allergan, the manufacturer of CoolSculpting, also offers CoolTone – an amazing treatment that builds muscle … without exercise!

CoolTone is a revolutionary, new, non-invasive technology that can give men and women a sculpted, toned body in just a few minutes – without any downtime! And, it is now available at Renew Esthetics in the Prineville, OR area.

In this article, the body contouring experts at Renew Esthetics answer our Prineville patients’ frequently asked questions about CoolTone muscle building  – including how it works, and what results patients can expect.

How does CoolTone build muscle without exercise?

Despite having “cool” in its name, CoolTone muscle building doesn’t use freezing technology like CoolSculpting does. Instead, it utilizes a process called magnetic muscle stimulation (“MMS”) that emits electromagnetic energy.

A wand is slowly moved along the targeted areas of the body where the patient wants to achieve more muscle definition. The electromagnetic waves cause thousands of involuntary muscle contractions, like the contractions caused by exercise, but at a much more rapid rate.

Just as with exercising, the muscle contractions build and strengthen the muscles in the treatment area.  Muscles become larger, firmer, stronger, and more toned from CoolTone’s thousands of contractions.

Why is CoolTone better than exercise for body sculpting?

To begin with, CoolTone muscle building creates the equivalent of hundreds of hours of exercise in a single one hour treatment. An estimated 25,000 muscle contractions occur during a CoolTone single treatment. Compare that to the number of months it would take to do 25,000 sit ups or crunches!

Additionally, CoolTone muscle building is able to precisely target a combination of muscle fibers and groups that can cannot be addressed through regular exercise. This enables the technician to offer precision body sculpting results that working-out alone simply cannot achieve.

What areas can be treated with CoolTone Muscle Building?

CoolTone muscle building is primarily intended for the toning and strengthening the abdominal muscles, and the muscles in the thighs and buttocks.

If that “six pack” look has eluded you, no matter how much you work-out, CoolTone Muscle Building can give you the definition you desire in your abs. And, if a higher, firmer buttocks is what you desire, CoolTone Muscle Building offers the benefits of a “butt lift” – without surgery, exercise or downtime.

Does CoolTone Muscle Building Hurt?

No. CoolTone Muscle Building is a non-invasive treatment. There are no incisions and CoolTone Muscle Building does not require anestheic. Most of our Prineville area patients report that CoolTone Muscle Building feels like a type of light (but non-painful) muscle spasm.

Does CoolTone muscle building have any side effects?

Because CoolTone builds muscles in the same way that exercise does – through contraction of the muscles – it is a safe procedure with few to no side effects. Just as with a strenuous workout, there may be some muscle pain or soreness after your treatment – as well as possible temporary joint or tendon pain.

A few of our Prineville area patients have also experienced temporary muscle spasms afterwards, or some redness of the skin in the treated area, but these dissipate quickly.

How long does CoolTone muscle building take?

CoolTone muscle building treatments typically last around 30 to 60 minutes in our Prineville area Med Spa – depending upon the number of areas being treated.

Is there downtime after CoolTone muscle building?

No. There is no downtime after CoolTone muscle building, and you can return to work, errands, or your regular daily routine immediately afterwards.

When will I see the results from CoolTone muscle building treatments?

CoolTone muscle building results will typically begin to show as soon as 2 to 4 weeks after the treatment. Patients will not only see improved muscle definition and mass for up to 6 months after, but CoolTone also helps reduce fat in the treated areas.

CoolTone Muscle Building – Prineville, OR Area

If you would like to get “six pack” definition in your abs – without endless hours of exercise – CoolTone muscle building can give you the body sculpting results you desire. CoolTone Muscle Building at Renew Esthetics in the Prineville, OR area can also firm, strengthen, lift and tone your thighs and buttocks!

Schedule CoolTone natural muscle building at Renew Esthetics today, and get the natural muscle tone and body contours you desire, without surgery, downtime, or months in the gym!

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