April 29, 2020

6 Top Tips for Getting the Best Botox Results

An investment in Botox is an investment in your self-confidence & your quality of life! For patients considering Botox for the first time, these top tips can ensure you achieve the best, longes- lasting results.
May 29, 2020

CoolTone Muscle Building FAQs

CoolTone is a revolutionary non-invasive technology that gives men & women a sculpted, toned body in just a few minutes - without exercise!
June 27, 2020

Frequently Asked Question About CoolSculpting Fat Loss

CoolSculpting freezes and permanently destroys up to 25% of fat cells, almost anywhere on the body, in a single treatment!
August 27, 2020

End Painful Sex with diVa® Laser Therapy

diVa® Laser Therapy can restore health to the vaginal tissue – improving lubrication and thickening vaginal walls - to eliminate pain during intercourse.