Acoustic Wave Therapy

Cellutone™ uses therapeutic acoustic vibrations to boost circulation and blood flow in the soft tissue to increase lymphatic drainage and soften connective tissue resulting in a smoother appearance of cellulite.

Areas that can be treated:  

  • Upper Arms
  • Abdomen
  • Flanks
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs

Cellutone™ may be used as a stand-alone therapy to improve textural changes of cellulite, but most often, is performed immediately after noninvasive fat reduction and skin tightening procedures such as Viora™Trusculpt™, and CoolSculpting™. Cellutone™ is used as an enhancement treatment with these procedures to increase effectiveness.

How Does Cellutone™ Work?

Using the power of targeted ultrasound energy, Cellutone™ sends acoustic vibrations to the subcutaneous area of the skin to help facilitate micro circulation and oxygen supply in affected areas. The vibration penetrates the skin to increase lymphatic drainage and waste elimination. The result is considerable improvement in the appearance of skin due to increased blood supply and the removal of excess interstitial fluid along with the releasing of the connective tissue.

Cellutone™ Recovery

There is no recovery with Cellutone™. It is easy to return to normal routines immediately following each treatment. It is recommended that you be well hydrated prior to treatment and after.

How Much Does Cellutone™ Cost?

The cost varies based on whether it is performed on its own or used in conjunction with other treatments. A consultation is recommended to discuss your goals and desired outcome.


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