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Deka SmartXide Tetra Laser

The Tetra CO2 laser offers a fully customizable skin resurfacing treatment called the DEKA. This treatment targets your skin concerns with tailored treatments to fit your individual lifestyle. The DEKA treatment can reduce, and in some cases eliminate, signs of aging for dramatically smoother, brighter, healthier, younger-looking skin.  

Deka Treatments Target:

  • fine lines to deep wrinkles
  • uneven pigmentation
  • redness
  • age spots
  • acne scars
  • sun damage
  • dull skin
  • texture
  • dark under-eye circles
  • skin laxity

The SmartXide Tetra CO2 laser is one of the most advanced CO2 technologies available. This cutting-edge technology features more operating settings to allow providers the opportunity to customize the intensity, depth, and shape of the laser energy. Therefore, making your treatment more precise, providing better results, and minimizing side effects and downtime.

Depending upon your desired results, your DEKA treatment can be a more intense treatment with longer downtime or a more superficial treatment with minimal downtime. The results are visible as new collagen forms and elastin is tightened for long-lasting benefits and the radiant results you desire.

You are a good candidate for a DEKA laser treatment if you are looking for a tailored laser treatment to fit your lifestyle and designed to eliminate or reduce the signs of aging with long-lasting results.

The downtime with a DEKA treatment will vary depending upon the depth of treatment needed to obtain your desired results. Your goals from the treatment and the corresponding downtime will be discussed with Dr. Taylor during your pre-treatment consultation.

Immediately following the treatment, you will be red as if you have a sunburn, and you will have a feeling of warmth that will fade after the first few hours. After the treatment, your skin will feel dry and rough for the first week as it heals. Therefore, it is essential to stay hydrated and keep your skin moisturized.