Facial toning and sculpting

Our micro-current machine utilizes unique technologies and specific frequency signatures to reenergize the cells and tissue back to their normal state of vibration. Technologies that communicate with the cells of living tissue and muscle to resonate at a perfect harmonic tone allowing enhancement of the normal body´s biological processes naturally and non-invasively.

The result is visible long lasting lift and tone in conjunction with better hydration and product penetration. Visible results after just one treatment! Treatments are progressive and impressive results can be seen after just a few treatments.

Single Treatment
Series of Five or More
$110 per treatment

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5 Benefits Of Microcurrent On Skin
It’s no secret that Hollywood’s A-List celebrities love microcurrent facials. There are compelling reasons that Madonna and Paris Hilton love microcurrent facials, especially from NeurotriS! 
50 and fabulous, star of the Morning Show, Emmy and Gold Globe award winner Jennifer Aniston says that, “...microcurrent facials are like workouts for your face.”  
Looking fresh, firm and vibrant is crucial when you are broadcasting in High Definition on a regular basis.  These celebrities want a skin care treatment that will help them maintain their skin’s firmness and volume while offering a vibrant, luminous glow! 
Microcurrent is exactly the treatment to do all of that!  When microcurrent is combined with high quality skin care products that are used on a consistent basis, the results are something - even the hottest Hollywood A-Listers can’t live without! 
5 Benefits Of Microcurrent On Skin
1. Blood Flow
The low level electrical pulses that are provided by microcurrent will stimulate blood and lymphatic flow in the skin. 
2. Hydration
The microcurrent technology will send electric pulses into the skin that will trigger ATP production that helps to improve cellular function, thus improving oxygen levels, and hydration levels. 
3. Volume
With stimulated oxygen and hydration levels, the skin has greater volume, this is compounded when the low level electrical pulses stimulate muscle contraction which leads to toned facial muscular structure.
4. Firmness
The improved hydration levels and improved oxygen levels have cells operating at their highest levels.  Then the improvement in the tone of the facial muscles, combined with high quality skin care will help to improve the firmness of the skin. 
5. Luminosity
When the life of the skin cells extended through hydration and oxygenation, the live skin cells on the surface will more easily reflect light, causing the skin to appear luminous and glowing! 
Why NeurotriS is ONLY Choice For Microcurrent - It’s the Perfect Treatment Every Time 
Dynamic optimizes the electrical impulse signal based on an individual's skin at the time of treatment, ensuring the treatment you’re providing is customized to your clients skin. Our microcurrent machines work with your client’s skin during every treatment.  They don’t just omit a static pulse like all the other machines on the market, our Dynamic Microcurrent machines will ensure your client receives the most optimal treatment every time!