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Botox is the world’s most popular cosmetic treatment for good reason. Younger looking men and woman are proven to earn more and get more promotions in the workplace, as well as attract more desirable partners, than people who “look their age”.  

An investment in Botox is an investment in your self-confidence, and your quality of life! For patients considering Botox injections for the first time, Renew Esthetics in the Sisters, OR area offers these top tips to ensure you achieve the best, long lasting, wrinkle-smoothing results.

#1. Only go to a Medical Professional for Botox

The amazing anti-aging results of Botox are incredibly safe in the hands of a qualified medical professional – but can be dangerous and even lethal when injected improperly.

Botox is a potent “neurotoxin” injected directly into the face, that literally paralyzes the wrinkle-causing muscles. So, only an experienced, licensed medical professional, like our Sister, OR area nurse practitioners should inject Botox. When administered incorrectly by a non-medical professional – as can happen as at a mall, salon or private “Botox Party” – Botox can affect the ability to breathe, swallow, speak or even see.

Botox injections at Renew Esthetics in the Sisters, OR area are performed in a safe, sterile medical setting by our highly trained, licensed and experienced nurse injectors. We offer only the highest standards of clinical care, to ensure every patient’s safety and guarantee optimal results.

#2. Tell Your Botox Injector about Medications You Take

Since Botox injections are a medical treatment, it is important to divulge all medications and supplements you are taking to the Botox injector. This is because certain medications, as well as some common over-the-counter drugs and herbal supplements, can thin blood, which can result in excessive bruising.

Your own treating dphysician and our nurse injectors can help you decide if certain pharmaceuticals, OTC drugs or natural supplements should be discontinued for a few days before getting Botox in order to prevent excessive bruising.

#3. Don’t Move While Getting Your Botox Injection!

Keeping still while getting Botox will ensure that the injection goes exactly (and only) where the nurse wants it to go. Sudden movements, even talking or blinking, can move the needle and result in less than perfect results – and even bruising.

So, it is important to keep your face and body stock-still, unless the nurse specifically asks you to smile or frown. This way the Botox goes exactly where it is meant to go, and any bruising is kept to a minimum.

#4. Don’t Touch, Rub or Massage the Botox Injection Site

It is so tempting to touch your beautiful new, smooth face and feel the Botox results. But, you must resist! TBotox Cosmetic is a gel consistency, that requires time to “set”. Our Sisters, OR nurses warn that touching, poking or rubbing the injection site can push the Botox away from the targeted area.

This not only can ruin the wrinkle-relaxing effects of Botox, it can also push the injection too close to the eyes or other nerves, where it can cause unwanted side effects.

#5. Don’t Sweat or Drink Alcohol After Botox

Any activity that makes you sweat (even a little bit) – such as running, going to the gym, or other exertion – should be avoided for at least 48 hours following Botox injections. This helps keep the liquid Botox from being secreted out of the pores before it “sets.”

Additionally, no celebrating with alcohol the day of your Botox injections! Alcohol can cause dehydration – and it can also make the patient become more careless about touching or bumping their face.

Facials, and most other skin care procedures, should also be avoided for 24 to 48 hours after getting Botox. Your nurse or aesthetician can advise you when it is safe to resume any other skin care treatments you are considering.

#6. Arnica & Ice Accelerate Botox Healing

Some slight bruising from Botox injections is not uncommon. Patients who are prone to bruising, as well as patients with very fair skin, are more likely to experience some visible bruising.

One way to minimize bruises is to take natural Arnica supplements for a few days before and after getting Botox. Gently applying ice to the injection site can also help reduce bruising – but remember do NOT apply any pressure!

Best Botox Injections – Sisters, OR Area

At Renew Esthetics in the Sisters, OR area, our aestheticians and nurse practitioners always take the time to understand your esthetic goals, assess your individual skin condition, and create a customized treatment plan that is right for you.

In addition to Botox, our Sisters, OR area Med Spa offers the latest and most advanced beauty and anti-aging technologies, including in a wide variety of facial and lip dermal fillers, IPL Photofacials, microneedling, and much more.

If you live in the Sisters, OR area and are interested in looking like a younger, more refreshed and attractive version of yourself, schedule a consultation at Renew Esthetics and see if Botox is right for you! Then relax in our Sisters, OR area MedSpa, while we make you look and feel younger and even more beautiful!

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