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Painful sex is not normal – but it is exceedingly common, with up to 75% of women experiencing painful intercourse at some time. For many women, pain or discomfort during sex is an ongoing issue that can dramatically affect their intimate relationships and lower their self-esteem.

The good news is that a new, non-surgical laser treatment called diVa® – now available at Renew Esthetics in Bend, OR – can restore health to the vagina and eliminate painful sex for good!

In this article the experts at Renew Esthetics in Bend, OR explain how diVa® Laser Therapy can restore health to the vaginal tissue – and get rid of vaginal laxity, dryness, itching and pain during intercourse.

Causes of Painful Sex

As women get older, especially after menopause, hormone production decreases, causing collagen and elastin production in the skin and the vagina to decline. And, just as the skin on the face becomes more dry, lax and wrinkled with age, the vaginal tissue also experiences these same issues of aging.

As the vaginal tissue becomes thinner, weaker and drier, sexual penetration can cause burning, aching or throbbing pain during intercourse that continues after sex. Less estrogen production also means less natural lubrication in the vagina – causing chronic dryness and itching.

Many other factors can also contribute to declining health of the vaginal tissue that can lead to painful sex.  In addition to thinning and laxity caused by hormone decrease, vaginal yeast infections, sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy, childbirth and weight gain can also compromise the health of the vagina.

How diVa® Treats Painful Sex

diVa® laser vaginal therapy combines two types of laser technology that naturally restore and rejuvenate the vaginal tissue.

The first laser removes dead and damaged skin cells from the surfaces the vaginal walls, naturally activating new tissue growth in the lining of the vagina. This improves lubrication, decreasing friction while increasing sexual sensation within the vagina.

Simultaneously, the second laser delivers thermal energy into the deeper layers of the vagina to stimulate collagen and elastin production – for thicker, stronger vaginal walls. The strengthened vaginal canal is also more elastic – reducing pain during sex. Additionally, the stronger pelvic tissue and muscles better support the bladder, helping to decrease urinary incontinence.

What to Expect During diVa® Laser Therapy for Painful Sex

diVa® laser vaginal therapy only takes about ten minutes in our Bend, OR Medical Spa. A topical anesthetic cream is applied beforehand to ensure a comfortable procedure.

The diVa® treatment for painful sex does not hurt. Some patients report experiencing slight pressure and/or a sensation of deep warming during the short procedure.  

And, most of our Bend, OR patients report experiencing improvement in painful sex, vaginal lubrication & dryness, and bladder leaks after only a single treatment!

The total number of diVa® treatments that are recommended will vary with each patient’s unique condition. But, in most cases, 3 diVa® treatments scheduled about 4 weeks apart will offer the maximum and longest lasting results.

There is no down time after diVa® vaginal laser therapy. Patients can even return to work, run errands or resume normal activities immediately after their treatment. However, patients will be given post-treatment instructions that may require refraining from sexual penetration or tampon use for a certain number of days. This enables the body’s natural collagen and elastin production to begin.

And, because diVa® uses gentle RF heat energy to stimulate the body’s own natural regeneration processes, there are no know side-effects or reactions to diVa® other than very minimal discharge or spotting. 

diVa Painful Sex Treatment – Bend, OR

 At Renew Esthetics, we have helped many women eliminate painful sex, and once again enjoy a fulfilling sex life.

Thanks to diVa® vaginal laser therapy there is no reason to live with the dread, anguish, emotional distress and embarrassment of painful sex.  Call the caring team at Renew Esthetics in Bend, OR and schedule a consultation to see how diVa® can help you say goodbye to painful sex and hello to satisfying intimacy!

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