Laser Genesis

Laser Genesis is a noninvasive, restorative treatment, designed to reduce wrinkles, large pores, scars, and diffused redness while improving the skin’s tone and texture. All areas of the face, neck, and body can see dramatic results from Genesis treatments. This innovative therapy reaches deep into the dermal layer of the skin, promoting a vibrant, healthy appearance. Laser Genesis treatments boosts the body’s natural collagen production, providing continued improvement to the appearance over coming weeks.

The Ideal Candidate for Laser Genesis:

Both men and women can make an excellent candidate for the Laser Genesis procedure. Anyone frustrated with diffused redness, scars, uneven skin tone, or lines and wrinkles.

The Laser Genesis Procedure

Laser Genesis is a noninvasive, restorative laser treatment designed to target and reduce fine lines, scars, large pores, and diffused redness while improving your skins tone and texture. This innovative therapy reaches deep into the dermal layer of your skin to accelerate collagen regrowth, leaving you with vibrant, visibly smoother and even toned healthy looking skin.

A Laser Genesis treatment is relaxing and comfortable lasting approximately 45 minutes. Generally, you will require between four and eight treatments, spaced about a month apart, for optimal results. Most guests opt to have maintenance sessions every three to four months to maintain their youthful look. Even though your skin will have a beautiful glow following the treatment, the full results from Laser Genesis will take between three and four weeks to appear, as the new cells reach the surface of the skin, and the body’s collagen production continues to increase.

After a Laser Genesis Treatment:

Mild redness or skin irritation may be experienced after a Laser Genesis procedure, but this will fade over the first couple of hours, leaving you with a vibrant healthy glow. No downtime is required after a Laser Genesis treatment; you will be able to immediately return to normal activities. The main precaution is to protect your skin in the treated area from UV rays.


Laser Genesis Faq

What is Laser Genesis?

Laser Genesis is a noninvasive procedure designed to rejuvenate the skin and refresh the appearance through the correction of scars, large pores, redness, and fine lines/wrinkles.

What areas can be treated through Laser Genesis?

Using a precise hand piece, Laser Genesis can target any area on the face and body.

How is Laser Genesis performed?

Laser Genesis is performed using a 1064 wavelength laser with a precision handpiece moved slowly over the targeted area of skin. As the handpiece moves, the laser’s pulse will gently and comfortably warm the dermis, stimulating the production of collagen.

Am I a good candidate for Laser Genesis?

The ideal candidate for Laser Genesis will be an individual in general good health looking to improve the appearance, tone and texture of their skin. Both men and women can benefit from the procedure. Call to schedule a free consultation and discover what Laser Genesis can do for you.

How long does Laser Genesis procedure take?

Each Laser Genesis session will take less than 45 minutes.

How many Laser Genesis treatments are necessary?

Between four and eight treatments, spaced one month apart, are necessary for optimal results.

Is Laser Genesis painful?

No, the Laser Genesis is a comfortable procedure.

What can I expect from my recovery after Laser Genesis?

For the first hour or two after a Laser Genesis treatment, you may experience some mild redness or skin irritation. This should resolve quickly; no downtime is expected.

When can I return to work after Laser Genesis?

Typically, after Laser Genesis, you can return immediately to school, work, or other daily activities.

How much does a Laser Genesis treatment cost?

The cost of Laser Genesis will depend greatly on the area and extent of treatment desired. For example, the package of treatments best for the reduction of stretch marks will vary from the package suggested for the treatment of acne. In general, a full-face Laser Genesis treatment will run between $250-$400, depending on if you want to include the décolletage. While a spot treatment can cost between $100-$200. Laser Genesis packages are available.

Can I finance a Laser Genesis procedure?

  • Renew Esthetics and Med Spa is happy to offer the option of financing the Laser Genesis procedure through CareCredit. Visit to apply online.